Don't come for me after your significant others send you the link to this blog okay! I know there are exceptions and it's not always just the men... Buuuttt here in the south it's definitely mostly the guys.

*hides behind blinds* 

So y’all want some tips on how to get your husband's, boyfriends, and financés to NOT hate family/couple’s photos? Let's unpack 9 tips for making your photo sessions seamless and simple for the guy who hates taking pictures.

Tip 1

Do NOT be vague. The only thing worse than going into something you hate, is going in to it blindly not knowing at all what to expect. Don’t just say “we’re taking family photos in 6 weeks.” Instead say something along the lines of, “I’ve scheduled a couple’s session for us next month. Memories are important to me and I’ve chosen a photographer, location, and experience that’ll be make you comfortable to go as easy as possible."

Tip 2

State facts. Give time limits, locations, and session date. Avoid over sharing feelings and overexplaining your WHY.  Avoid criticizing their preference towards taking photos. We’re not trying to change their opinion we’re trying to make them comfortable. I once did not enjoy the idea of axe throwing. My husband gave me the time frame, made sure there were snacks, and definitely laid on the romance day of our date. So, rather than focusing on one BIG aversion, axe throwing, I was able to look forward to small joys like snacks (ya girl is a foodie), romance, and entertainment (he made sure they had the game on the screen to keep me entertained)!

Tip 3

Keep your WHY simple and judgement free. Do NOT say “we never take photos” or “it’s been too long”. Instead try “These are to have back before November to make personalized Christmas photos for the family.” “These are to display at our wedding guestbook table.” “This is for our kid’s album.” Whatever your 'why' try to keep the explanation to 2 sentences. Skip the text and explain in person. Tone goes a long way!

Tip 4

Be clear on expectations. When you get closer to the date share outfit inspo and ask your photographer to create a mood board of poses and looks so your significant other knows exactly what to expect. Visual examples go a long way. If I say “walk and bump hips” rather than getting an eye roll from your spouse because that sounds silly, it may be easier to say “just like in the photos we showed you of the couple wearing blue on the beach.”

Tip 5

Communicate with your photographer your significant other’s personality type so they best know how to approach them. Are they an introvert or an extrovert? Do they prefer extra posing tips or to keep things natural and personal (my style)? This brings me to the next tip…

Tip 6

Choosing the right photographer is key! I know the photos are what’s important to you. It could be so easy to think since he hates photos, then you get to pick the photographer you like. Keep your significant other and their personality in mind when booking your photographer.

Tip 7

Create his playlist! Set the mood and start a playlist that he loves so when his song comes on it drowns the intrusive thoughts in his head says “I can’t wait to get this over with.” Instead he'll be too busy singing along to Kane Brown or Kendrick Lamar and it'll help time pass by quicker. Plus instead of being constatnly asked how much longer, you can make a deal that when the playlist is over you can be done! Challenge accepted!

Tip 8

 Meet him halfway on wardrobe. If he is already doing something, taking pictures, that he is uncomfortable with, at least let him wear his fav boots while he does it! I’ve definitely had the sessions with the fiancé who refused to take off the baseball cap or wear anything other than work boots. So don’t be scared to compromise. Photos and memories are most important, so baby steps. We can go all James Bond black tie on the next session! If he wants to wear boots maybe buy a fresh new pair as a surprise for taking the photos. If he likes his hats then maybe bargain for one without a logo, especially if that logo is Michigan (Go Bucks) :-) Toss him some color pallet options and remember a mood board goes a long way. Some photographers, like myself, allow outfit changes. So follow the 80/20 rule. Lean towards their preferences because again they’re stepping out of their comfort zone. 80% of our session time can be spent in their outfit of choice and 20% in your suggested attire. Let them know this so they feel a part of the process. Remember this is why choosing the right photographer comes in to play. A great photographer with make that 20% well worth it and likely put it somewhere towards the end of the session so they’re already pass the jitters and in the groove.

Tip 9

Lastly, let’s be for real… bribery goes a long way! I’m lucky in that my husband knows he is married to a photographer so photos are a part of the package, ha! Actually, he doesn’t mind taking photos. If he was apprehensive, I’d bribe him with Axe throwing, buffalo wild wings, or cherry cheesecake from Kaminsky’s after our session! The closer you can present the bribe the better! Save it for a few hours before the session, while you're getting dressed, or even on the drive to your session! Add gratitude as you present your bribe! "Babe I know photos aren't your thing, so I wanted to get you this to show my appreciation for you steeping out of your comfort zone." Do what you gotta do! Photographers always "anything for the shot!" Ha!

It would be so easy to just yell or say, "we never take pictures get over it." You may even feel some envy seeing other's spouses joyfully and willing take photos with their significant other. Remember you're only seeing the results. You don't know what went into getting everyone to that session. Maybe they just had an incredible photographer, wink wink, who helped make their photos and posing look relaxed and authentic. You also don't want to compare your spouse and their unique opinions and experiences with anyone else. Focus on the good and be an encouragement. Just as a tell parents during family sessions, yelling at your kids to smile likely won't result in an authentic relaxed smile; guilting your spouse with "well Nick never complains when he takes pics with Jess" (bonus points if you got that New Girl reference!) likely won't produce a positive reaction. Keep it positive and create a low pressure experience!

I can't wait to hear your favorite tip and see my guys keep showing up confident and ready to shine in front of the camera! Let the memory making BEGIN!

If your lady is the camera shy, apprehensive to photos spouse, let me know! I'd be happy to do a part 2 on how to get your Wife to NOT hate your photo session!