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I love diving beyond small talk, so let's get into it! My name is LaVonda and I put hot sauce on my popcorn. I can tell you 100 ways the book was better than the movie. I kiss my sons way too much. I still have a crush on my husband, we've been married 13 years and he still gives me butterflies. I don’t trust cats. I'm a foodie! I love football and HGTV marathons! I want a lot out of life but I don’t need much.

I am a cool wife, boy mom, and down to earth travel photographer. I grew up super small town so I'm always smiling and waving at everyone and I always look out for my neighbors. Since moving to Charleston, SC in 2011, this city has shared her beauty abundantly and I've become obsessed with the endless possibilities this stunning coast brings. From historic architecture, rustic nature, and beautiful ocean front scenery; how could you not fall in love with the low country! Even though Charleston feels like an everyday vacation, I still love traveling and meeting new people; especially when I get to bring my babies, I mean my cameras.

At LaVonda Downard Photography, it is my goal to make each portrait a memorable, detailed moment in time. I hope to bring a spark back to time spent flipping through photo albums or scanning the frames of your walls taking in the beauty of your loved ones. Let's explore together and get lost in time!

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What my clients have to say



“They're amazing; thank you soooo much!!!! I can't stop looking at them. So many capture our beautiful, chaos so perfectly. Love the kids running around us just being themselves. Seriously these will be treasured forever!”

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