Angle and perspective go far beyond getting the perfect shots for your gallery wall!

I've shot some great memories in parking garages, vacant country parking lots, or messy laundry filled guestrooms. So yes, you can still make great art and memories from anywhere, but location can be a golden accent to an already memorable moment. This Charleston, SC gem is a frequent to visitors and photographers alike. I’ve been to Hampton Park in Charleston, South Carolina for a mom's night out, lunch break walks when I worked downtown on King St when we first moved to CHS, Wild + Free homeschool book clubs, and date night. Not to mention the beautiful array of maternity, engagements, headshots, wedding post ceremony shots, and family sessions! 

Hampton Park is a beautiful, 60-acre Charleston treasure. On my brother-in-law’s visit from Texas I got to take some engagement photos of he and my now sister-in-law. We arrived to Hampton Park at peak hour and couldn’t find parking, #Charlestonproblems. Having to shift my car to a new spot allowed us to walk through this beautiful, perfectly golden lit section of the park. I save this as a go to for my couples and families who love all things nature and greenery! 

This sweet family met with me with their whole crew to the at Hampton for family shoot! I pulled the grandparents aside and made sure to get sweet candids of them together! I love moments like this after the big family shots. Pulling aside each sub group of couples for some shots! As we get older we have to remember to continue to capture the memories and get IN the photos!

This beautiful family was just a short time out from welcoming the 6th member of the Christian Crew (their last name and their faith)! Charleston sunsets never disappoint and this golden hour Hampton session was just radiant! From telling jokes and playing high five tag, to snuggles and a tear jerker daddy daughter moment; Hampton Park did not hold back any of it’s beauty. 

No matter the occasion, add this beautiful Charleston treasure to your must-see list or your list of best places for photoshoots in Charleston. I’d love to add a Charleston proposal and wine tasting and more bridal shots to my Hampton Park itinerary soon! 

Looking for someone who specializes in an intimate storytelling experience? Looking for a Charleston wedding and elopements photographer? I love to travel as well so feel free to invite me out to a explore a gem like this one near you! Visit my weddings and elopements page, stalk away at my galleries, reach out for a link to an extended portfolio album, and send me any questions you have! 

Meet you at golden hour!